CLEANING the Photovoltaic Parks is a prerequisite for ensuring your system's annual performance.
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Regular cleaning of photovoltaic parks achieves improved efficiency of up to 10% in energy production. After several studies, we have come to the conclusion that the cost of cleaning a park is a small part of the losses due to pollutants.
To produce 100% of the energy you can, without damages and malfunctions for the entire 20 years life and operation, a regular cleaning program is required.
PV stations are installations exposed to dust, weather, industrial residues that are deposited in the rain.
Our company has a fleet of three independent garages, a crawler and two workshops with manual cleaning systems.
Self-propelled system
It is a crawler vehicle on which an arm is mounted with a special Carlait brush. This system is connected to a water demineralization unit and a storage tank.
The brush accompanies sensors along the way so that in case of ground deformation, the arm is removed to avoid any damage to the frame. This system offers high quality cleaning as well as absolute security.
The fine and soft fibers, where they make up the brush, slide on the crystal surface, cleaning without causing damage.
Each crawler machine, for cleaning photovoltaic installations, can clean 2 MW in less than 12 hours.
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Telescopic System
It consists of rotating brushes connected to telescopic poles with impregnation system and deionized water storage tank.
This system has the ability to reach very high points due to the telescopic pole and perfectly cleans the frames by removing any traces of dust and other contaminants.
The rotating brush scrubs thoroughly without damaging the surface of the frames and dries immediately after the passage, leaving no stains, spots and dulls due to deionized water.
This method is suitable for all cases involving cleaning of photovoltaic installations. The advantage of this method is that it has the ability to clean installations located in inaccessible areas, such as industrial roofs, trackers as well as parcels where it is not possible to use the self-propelled system due to a great deal of soil disturbance.
Deionized water
It has extremely strong cleaning properties while being totally friendly to the sensitive surface of the panel.
It lengthens surface life. There are no chemical residues that enhance ionization of the surface. Do not alter the protective film of solar cells. Improves the efficiency of photovoltaic parks by up to 10% in energy production. Water hardness is up to 10ms / cm3.

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