WindEurope: It will take 450 GW offshore by 2050 in Europe - 70 of them in the Mediterranean

Posted on November 26, 2019

The Commission's goals for offshore wind farms are achievable, namely to reach 230-450 GW by 2050, but only with appropriate investments in power grids, as WindEurope claims.

In a statement, he said that proper spatial planning is also needed in the EU member states, while publishing a report stressing that out of the 450 gigawatts, 212 should be deployed in the North Sea, 85 in the Atlantic, 83 in the Baltic Sea and 70 in the Mediterranean.
It is noted that due to the existing regulations in the spatial planning, it is currently impossible to make such investments in at least 60% of the north seas. By extension it is currently possible to install just a quarter of the above power, while the cost is estimated at just 50 euros / megawatt hour.
It also emphasizes the need for a regulatory framework to enable offshore wind farms with connection points in two different countries.

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