China plans to bring solar energy into space

Posted on March 14, 2019

China aims to become the first country in the world to install a solar energy unit in space, building a solar space station. Scientists at the Space Academy of China are working on new technology to make solar energy a reality in space by 2050.

The story of China's ambitious solar energy initiative was first published by a newspaper in the country's Ministry of Science and Technology. Scientists working on the project believe that installing solar energy in space will provide them with inexhaustible clean energy, although the details of the project are still under discussion.
Scientists, headed by Pang Zihao, are targeting space for solar power plants because the equipment will not be affected by clouds or nocturnal conditions such as the surface of the Earth. Zihao is optimistic that these units will provide up to six times the energy of terrestrial solar systems.
Zihao and his team are making prototypes in Chongqing and will continue to test various models over the next decade. Once all the details have been clarified, they plan to start building a solar space station perhaps from 2030.
NASA is also considering installing solar energy over the last 20 years. Japan is also planning to launch a photovoltaic system and has already begun developing technology for this project.
One of the key issues with solar energy in space is the economic and efficient way to get the energy back to Earth, which China hopes to achieve through a laser or microwave.

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