Solar power plants in Europe are expected to see spectacular growth rates over the next three years with estimates of doubling capacity, which means adding about 20 GW per year, as highlighted in a Wood Mackenzie report.

With new orders to the banks, the tariffs for the production of March 2019 continue to be paid. With today's orders, 2,710 parks will be paid up to € 29,603.64 (74% of the production facilities in March).

With new orders to banks, the tariffs for March 2019 will continue to be repaid. With today's orders, 3,000 parks will be paid for up to € 6,645.79 (54% of the production facilities in March).

The sharp reduction in wind, photovoltaic and battery costs will result in a half-powered network of these technologies by 2050, in line with the BNEF scenario for meeting climate targets.

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