The WindEurope link welcomed the prevalence of lower prices in our country's recent wind competition. More specifically, he notes that works of almost 160 megawatts secured a price of 55-65 euros / megawatt, compared to 68-72 euros in the case of the previous July competition.

Continuation of the payment of the invoices for production of August 2018 with new orders to the banks, in which case another 320 parks will be paid up to 141.911,58 € (93% of the installations with production in August).

Unchanged remained the renewable mix of the interconnected system in October, according to a newer bulletin issued by LAGIE.

A rise in energy consumption in Europe, particularly in the transport sector is causing a slowdown in EU efforts to reach renewables and energy efficiency targets, says the European Environment Agency (EEA) in its latest report.

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