The establishment of an interdisciplinary platform to promote innovative solutions and approaches for the recycling of wind turbine blades has been carried out by WindEurope, the European Chemical Industry Council and the European Composites Industry Association (EUCIA ).

The construction industry has evolved dramatically since we started building skyrises by hand in the early 1900s. It will continue to change as new technology appears and is adopted by construction companies.

Συνεχίζεται η εξόφληση των τιμολογίων για παραγωγή Μαρτίου 2019 με νέες εντολές προς τις τράπεζες, οπότε και εξοφλήθηκαν 673 πάρκα πληρωτέου ποσού έως 74.123,85 € (79% των εγκαταστάσεων με παραγωγή το μήνα Μάρτιο).

Solar power plants in Europe are expected to see spectacular growth rates over the next three years with estimates of doubling capacity, which means adding about 20 GW per year, as highlighted in a Wood Mackenzie report.

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