Researchers in Saudi Arabia have developed a device that, by using solar energy, simultaneously allows the desalination of seawater (and water purification in general to make it drinkable and suitable for irrigation) and the production of "clean" electricity.

Global installed wind power is projected to increase by 71 gigawatts per year in the period 2019-2023 and by 76 gigawatts in the period 2024-2028, according to Wood Mackenzie estimates.

With new orders to banks, the tariffs for March 2019 will continue to be repaid. With today's orders, 813 parks payable up to 187,786.00 € (86% of the production facilities in March) will be paid off.

A "glory field" for new RES investments is being created in the Peloponnese following the decision, according to energy energy, received by RAE for the release of about 400 MW of electricity.

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