On Saturday, February 27, 2017, at an event venue in Patras, SPYROPOULOS SA held the New Year's Cake Cutting Ceremony, which was attended by all the company's workforce and many collaborators. Those who were lucky received gift's by the company.

Wind energy from land-based plants is today one of the cheapest sources of renewable energy. However, without any significant change in design constraints, Cornwall Insight advises that offshore wind energy is likely to overtake land as a source of cheap renewable energy in less than ten years.

Continued payment of invoices for October 2018 production with new orders to banks, and 750 parks payable up to 62.597,31 € (80% of the installations with production in October) will be paid.

With new orders to banks, YDREEP continued to pay the invoices for production in October 2018. With today's orders, 1,000 parks payable up to € 14,701.52 (75% of the production facilities in October) will be redeemed.

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