Eradicating heavy industry emissions by 2050 is likely but will require costly new production processes and a 25 to 60% increase in short-term capital investment to reach 40-50 billion euros a year, according to a new survey.

Continued payment of the invoices for January 2019, with new orders to banks, when 500 parks will be paid up to € 304,606.17 (87% of the production facilities in January).

The photovoltaic industry is at the forefront of experiencing a new investment spring, which, unlike the bubble of the recent past, is based on more solid and sustainable bases. Indeed, as demonstrated by the recent RAE joint auction, repayment rates for new projects are more competitive than the wholesale price of the current (System Limit Value).

Happy Easter!

Posted on April 24, 2019

SPYROPOULOS SA wishes you Happy Easter!

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