Renewables have already emerged in many countries around the world as the cheapest source of electricity, predicting an even greater reduction in wind and wind farm production costs next year, at levels lower than any source of fossil fuels, as found in a report the International Renewable Energy Agency (IENA).

t's no secret that the construction industry has a significant impact on the environment. According to some studies, construction is responsible for up to 50% of climate change, 40% of energy usage globally, and 50% of landfill waste, not to mention air, water, and noise pollution and destruction of natural habitats.

By successive orders to the banks, the invoices for the production of February 2019 continued, and 3,584 parks of payable amount up to 40,446.18 € (70% of the installations with production in February) were repaid.

With new orders to banks, the invoices for the February 2019 production began. These orders will repay 5,665 parks payable up to € 4,251.51 (43% of the production facilities in February).

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