The BUILD UPON project of the World Council of Green Buildings has made a major victory in January, with Europe's commitment to putting national energy upgrading strategies at the forefront of climate change efforts - a key project proposal.

Greece is ranked 16th in Europe in terms of energy saving, according to ODYSSEE-MURE's analysis. The rating, according to, was based on the level of energy efficiency, progress in energy efficiency, energy efficiency policies and a combination of the above.

The construction sector is expected to remain in the recovery period 2018-2019, as the ICAP Group study estimates that the auctioning of new large projects this year is a condition for maintaining the upward course of recent years, starting with in 2016.

Recovery of the construction sector took place during the period 2016-2017, thanks to the increase in the turnover of major construction companies from important infrastructure projects in Greece and abroad.

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