Global production capacity of offshore wind has increased by 20% in 2018

Posted on March 07, 2019

The total capacity of power generation from offshore wind energy projects rose by 20% in 2018, reaching 23 gigawatts worldwide, according to the Global Wind Energy Council, whose annual report shows the image of the sector development.

At the national level, China first installed the largest offshore offshore production capacity in a whole year, adding 1.8 gigawatts of power. The council estimates that the new facilities in Asia could reach five gigawatts a year. The UK was the country with the second highest production addition of 1.3 gigawatts, while Germany was ranked third with 969 megawatts. The other top offshore markets for 2018 were Belgium with 309 megawatts and Denmark with 61 megawatts of power.
The council predicts that offshore wind farms in the United States will reach about one gigawat of power by 2022, marking an explosive rise. Already at the level of construction, design, or pre-approval, several projects in the states of the eastern US coast, aiming to take advantage of the strong winds of the Atlantic Ocean.
The cost of offshore wind energy continues to fall and this is expected to further boost growth over the coming years on a global scale. Indicatively, according to Energy Innovation, in December 2018, the cost of offshore wind projects in the US was down by 75% compared to 2014.

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