Past tends to become the biggest obstacle for Renewable Energy Sources

Posted on February 04, 2019

The biggest obstacle to the use of RES by the general public, that of storage, may eventually cease to exist as the data seems to change rapidly.

The problem of energy storage is particularly noticeable in Greece as the country is back in the sector, while the US has, for years, even in private use, absorbed to the maximum extent all the energy storage technologies.
The example of the US and the latest findings may also be able to offer a solution to European states that, when it comes to using RES, have to cope with the "contradiction" of the storage and use of natural resources when it is needed.
MIT engineers have developed a renewable energy storage system such as solar and wind power, which allows this energy to be delivered to the grid. The system can be designed to power a small town not only when there is wind or sunshine but 24 hours a day, basically solving the basic problem of using RES.
The new design saves heat generated by excess energy from solar or wind energy in large silicon-containing toner tanks.
Researchers estimate that such a system would be much more affordable than lithium-ion batteries, which have been proposed as a viable, though expensive, method of storing renewable energy. They also estimate that the system will cost about half the hydroelectric storage pump and, as they claim, is the cheapest form of energy storage on a scale to date.
"Even if we wanted to run the network exclusively using renewable energy, we could not, because it would be necessary to generate fossil fuels to compensate for the fact that the supply from RES can not respond directly to the demand ", Argues Asegun Henry, Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. "We are developing a new technology that, if successful, will solve the storage problem." Henry and his colleagues published their design in Energy and Environmental Science.

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