At $ 332 billion global investment for clean energy in 2018

Posted on February 01, 2019

Global clean energy investments exceeded $ 300 billion to $ 332.1 billion for the fifth consecutive year, but dropped by 8% compared to 2017, according to a study by BloombergNEF (BNEF).

It is significant that between the investments for renewable energy sources in 2018 there were several contradictions. More specifically, global investment in wind power increased last year by 3% to $ 128.6 billion, while in terms of solar energy, it fell by 24% to $ 130.8 billion, mainly due to lower cost of installing photovoltaic .
China was the main cause of the decline in investment in renewable energy, as in mid-2018 the country's government decided to freeze a new renewable energy project, with Chinese investment shrinking 53% last year to $ 40.4 twice.
Lastly, significant investments in clean energy in 2018 went to Japan ($ 27.2 billion, -16%), India ($ 11.1 billion, -21%), Germany ($ 10.5 billion, -32%), and the United Kingdom (10.4 billion, + 1%).

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