The EU facilitates consumer access to solar energy

Posted on January 31, 2019

MEPs have adopted new European rules on renewable energy and energy efficiency to help consumers benefit from the transition to renewable energy sources.

Households now have the right of European legislation to generate electricity using solar panels, sell the excess amount of their own consumption and receive purchase prices.
Legislation also establishes places where citizens interested in installing a solar panel will find advice and support for administrative procedures and licensing procedures, which have been the main obstacle to date, because they are often very complex and difficult. Another important measure is that legislation prohibits Member States from imposing charges such as the Spanish "sun" tax on electricity produced by households.
The European Parliament also adopted an Energy Efficiency Directive, which provides that EU Member States must reduce their energy consumption by 32.5% by 2030 compared to consumption Energy in 2005. Member States are free to decide how they will achieve this, but they have to submit their plans to the European Commission.
Ms Monik Goyen, CEO of BEUC - Federation of Consumers' Unions, commented:
"Everybody must have access to solar energy. Undoubtedly, this legislation will spur off energy from renewable sources and help consumers in the long run reduce their bills. It provides more security for people who wanted, but hesitated to invest in solar panels. Reducing energy consumption is the best and the simplest way to reduce our energy bills. The EU countries they should offer too many measures to help consumers insulate their homes and reduce energy waste. This is a good news, especially for those who "fight" to warm their homes in the winter.
The Energy Efficiency Directive needs to be incorporated into national legislation by the summer of 2020. The Renewable Energy Directive should be in place by the end of June 2021. "

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