In consultation the decision on small wind turbines - Where can be installed and the conditions for obtaining a permit

Posted on December 06, 2018

The Ministry of Environment and Energy has today launched a public consultation on the draft Ministerial Decision on

"Determination of the permitting process, including the way of submitting the relevant applications, environmental, spatial and town planning matters, as well as any other necessary detail, for the installation on land and the connection to the distribution grid of small wind turbines with installed capacity of less than or equal to 60 kW, based on article 4 of L.4203 / 2013 (Α '235), as amended by the article 50 of Law 4546/2018 (A '101)'.
The comments and proposals submitted will be taken into account to improve the provisions of the proposed regulation, as highlighted.
The public consultation will be completed on Friday 21 December 2018 at 14:00.
As stated in the decision, the following will apply to the licensing process:
The plants are exempted from the obligation to issue production, installation and operation licenses.
The plants are exempted from the obligation to issue an Environmental Terms Approval (AEPA).
For plants with a total installed capacity of more than twenty (20) kW it is required to be subject to Standard Environmental Commitments (PPDs).
For plants with a total installed capacity of less than or equal to 20 kW, a certificate of exemption from the Standard Environmental Commitments (PDO) is required by the competent environmental authority of the District concerned.
For the stations of the previous case installed on a Natura 2000 site or in a coastal zone less than 100 meters from the shoreline outside the rocky islands or adjacent to less than 150 meters by a wind station established in another stadium and issued for him a production license or AEPO or Connection Offer, and the total wind power exceeds twenty (20) kW, it is required to be subject to a PDO.
The stations, which are installed in organized industrial activity receptacles, are exempted from the application of a PDO and the obligation to grant an exemption certificate.
Installation of the stations requires the approval of small-scale operations.
For building structures such as the foundations of towers of small wind turbines and housing for control equipment and transformers, a building permit

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