China: By the beating, being a pioneer in green energy

Posted on December 04, 2018

Can China still hold the record of the largest coal consumption in the world at the moment, but the question is how much longer? How fast will it be able to achieve its environmental goals? And, are they really pioneers in producing clean, green energy?

China is currently investing more than $ 100 billion annually in expanding the development of renewable energy (RES), more than spending US and EU together. As China's Taiwanese consultant explains: "China's goal is to increase non-fossil fuel consumption by 15% of all energy. There are international standards for what is pure energy and what is not. In China, however, there is only a distinction between mineral and non-fossil fuels. Minerals include coal and gas, while non-minerals include wind, solar, hydropower and nuclear. Unlike the West, in China nuclear power is considered environmentally friendly. And indeed very much ".
China's largest RES market in the world
However, China has now become a pioneer in solar energy. According to the International Energy Agency, 60% of solar cells around the world were manufactured last year in China. Chinese companies such as Jinko Solar or Suntech are doing gold jobs not only in China but around the world. Many German companies operating in the solar energy sector were forced to put a padlock, not to withstand strong Chinese competition.
Still, the Germans are still securing an important piece of the pie. Infineon, for example, manufactures the chips needed to transport electricity from the panels to the grid, as German company spokesman Peter Wever explains: "China is now the biggest renewable market in the world."
Equally important is the representation of the Chinese in the field of wind power. Two of the ten largest businesses come from China. Shanghai-based Envision and Urumwich-based Goldwind are ranked sixth and third in the world ranking respectively. The second place is Siemens-Gamesa (headquarters: Spain), while Danish Vestas is the first.
Multiple benefits
Beijing's new, undoubtedly green environmental policy provides for substantial subsidies for companies that promote renewable energy sources and significant fines for those who pollute the environment.
The Chinese leadership's goal is not only to protect its citizens from the uncontrolled atmospheric pollution in many areas of the country. Beijing wants at the same time to play a leading role in an industry that will play an increasingly important role in the world in the future.

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